A letter by our founder…

Living with Lupus

In the midst of designing this line, I continually was asked. Why are you doing this? And what’s your story?

Going back to the beginning, I have always been very into fitness, always active. Rode my bike to school every day. In 1996 I won the California gymnastics state championships. My parents were extremely health conscious. I grew up in Santa Cruz, Calif. and being healthy and relaxed was really just a way of life.

Fast forward to 27 years old. Life is not as relaxed and carefree as it once was when you were a child. On top of the everyday adult hood responsibilities, I also had the most amazing 3 year old son. Amazing but also an extremely active, crazy toddler. Wrangling him while finishing school and working was a handful. Emotionally and physically. I was extremely tired and thought a vacation was what I needed. To make a long story short, stress plus a vacation in the sun was not what the doctor ordered. I came home sick with a rash, more tired than ever and not knowing what was wrong. After a couple months and after a series of tests and bloodwork panels, I was diagnosed with systemic lupus nephritis. Life definitely threw me a curveball.

Fast forward to 34. I never let lupus define me. I look at lupus as a lesson. Relax, be healthy, be happy. I look at life and situations completely different now. Lupus has given me strength and has made me extremely mentally tough. I have grown and blossomed into motherhood. I am extremely health conscious. But the most important thing is being mentally aware of any stress or negativity in my life. You do not realize how things like stress can negatively impact your health. Exercise was even more important to me after being diagnosed. It started off very slow at first but exercise can be a great way to relieve stress. It helps your body produce endorphins that trigger a positive, happy feeling in the body. A healthy, balanced  lifestyle plus exercise and lupus has never really bothered me again. 

Making a workout line has come full circle with me. Whatever you are going through in life, good or bad, I think staying active is important. Even if it starts off small like a walk to clear your mind or count your blessings. Every persons road and journey with lupus and life is different. This was mine. 

The outfits are sexy and the fabric is the most comfortable. It is soft, buttery and composed of eco friendly material. The fabric also has added UV protection from the sun. As the ozone is depleting, the need for UV protection is more and more important. 

I have made this line with you in mind. Enjoy x